541 Wabash Avenue NW
New Philadelphia, OH 44663

Dr. Caleb Robinson

Originally from Southeastern Ohio, Dr. Robinson attended Marietta College and The Ohio State University, receiving a Bachelor's Degree in Biological Sciences. In 2004 he graduated Magna Cum Laude from The Ohio State University College of Dentistry with a Doctor of Dental Surgery degree.  

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How We're Different

All dental practices are not alike and neither are all patients.  Dentists differ in their education, training, skills, philosophies and personalities.  Dental offices differ in the quality and professionalism of their staff, their use and integration of technological advancements and their commitment to patient comfort.  Patients differ in their needs and desires which can range from improving the esthetic appearance of their smile to maintaining proper function of teeth and gums.

At Caleb A. Robinson, DDS we are committed to serving those patients who desire a lifetime of oral health as an important component of total body wellness.  We are proud to encompass expertise in advanced restorative procedures, non-surgical periodontal (gum) treatment and the ability to provide our patients with the pleasant and rewarding experience they deserve from their dental team!

Our entire office was created to maximize your comfort while providing individualized, technologically advanced treatment.  We accomplish this by treating you as more than just a patient - you are our guest!

Our Office Environment

Our goal is to surpass any experience you have had at a dental office before.  Warm colors, relaxing music, soothing fireplace and friendly staff all welcome you as you enter our office.  Beginning with your first visit, we strive to make you feel comfortable, valued, well informed and confident in the treatment you will receive.  One of our highest priorities is to provide you exceptional dental treatment while simultaneously attending to the small details that help you feel at ease.  We believe that these details, along with our patient focused attitude, come together to surpass and re-imagine the traditional dental experience!

Dr. Robinson

Dr. Robinson sets the welcoming, friendly and caring tone in our office.  Rest assured that Dr. Robinson's commitment to personalized attention and communication with patients will provide the support and peace of mind you deserve during your dental visits.  Because of his advanced continuing education, and a treatment philosophy which incorporates the entire masticatory system rather than just individual teeth, you can feel confident in Dr. Robinson's ability to provide you with more than just a beautiful smile.  You'll know your restorations - whether a simple filling or a larger cosmetic procedure - will have long-term functionality so you can feel and look great for years to come!

Our Hygienists

Our revolutionary periodontal treatment protocol incorporates the latest emerging science regarding the mouth-body connection, providing the ultimate level of oral health as one component of an overall healthier you!   

We invite you to come experience the difference with us!